Love Your Name and Why is it So Important?

Love Your Name and Why is it So Important

I changed my name. Yes, Karolina Maya is a name I choose for myself just two months ago and I like it. I feel deeply connected with my name now. I feel the energy of my new name and I feel it’s really me.

Everything is energy. And that’s the truth for names as well.

I never felt connected with my previous name and I did not know why. There is nothing wrong with the name itself. I quite like it on someone else; not on me though.  But because I did not know anything else, I did not pay too much attention to these feelings. It just was what it was.

I’ve come across information about the importance of our names in the past. My natural curiosity led me to read books about meanings of our names, numerology of names and so on. It was always interesting but it never passed that line of being just an interesting topic for me. Until two months ago.

The week of my birthday I started to get strong messages to rebirth and to let go of my name. I did not understand for a while but decided to trust and follow my intuition and my subconscious mind.

And then I got it. Suddenly many things from the past started to make sense. Our family tragic story came to the surface. All dots got connected and I got the full picture.

I knew I was named after my dad’s brother who died in an accident in the military service when he was just 19. I knew I was born within a year after that happened. What I did not know was the powerful Vow that my dad made my mum to keep and name the first child after his dead brother. And the child was Me.

Now I understand that this family tragedy has never been healed. Now I understand why nobody ever spoke about my late uncle, why my dad could not stand any emotions, why he shut his emotions down. Now I understand why I leant so quickly not to cry in front of him and shut my own emotions down.

And more than everything else; now I understand why I always felt the urge to fight for the right to be me. Somewhere deep inside me was the deal that I was born with. The deal to replace someone. That deal took me away from my birth right to be me.

And so I let go of all the old attachments that I had because of that name. From now on I am me.

The learning that I want to share is the importance of the name. Yes, name is energy. Be sure that your name resonates with your soul and support you in what your heart is calling you to do. If it does not, feel free to make your own choice. Let go of the old and chose what is right for you. Do it for yourself!

Love your name! If you love your name, you love yourself. The choice is yours. Love yourself!

Karolina Maya


How I Made My Best Decisions – Sharing with Women over 40

Karolina Maya

It’s such a beautiful day today. Sitting on the ferry I enjoy the warm sunny winter day. It’s one of those lovely days when everything seems to be brighter. It’s easy to feel happiness of life just for life itself.

I am on my way home from a meeting I had in the city.  It was with a consultant I cooperated with back in my corporate days. Meeting him reminded me of who I was and how I lived back then. Just for a moment I had that flash back. It was enough to remind myself of my successful corporate career, my professional growth from very humble beginnings to an international position as well as of my challenges at that time. It was just enough to realize how grateful I am for everything that life has put in front of me.

It reminded me of the most important decisions I made in my career life.

It is interesting how our mind works. All of what I am writing about now, all these thoughts appeared in my mind in just a fraction of a second. And now I need the whole page to express them. Amazing, but that’s a mind food for another time.

But back to my thoughts about my life decisions. I do not regret any decisions I made in my life. But I realized that none of the best decisions I made were actually based on “thought through” decision making process. All of the decisions that I count as blessings now, were simply made by my heart. I am sure about it.  All of them took me on an amazing journey to self discovery and personal growth. Looking back at them I know that they led me to something that meant to happen. Of course I can’t compare my life after these decisions with what my life would have been without them.

My point is that everything what I decided for because I really wanted it from the bottom of my heart worked out really well. If it was my decision to apply for a General Manager role or the decision to accept the offer to move to Australia, to name just some examples. Looking back I can see all the potential risks and reasons why not to do that. Yes, it was risky and scary as well. But I did not feel the risk at that time. I just knew I wanted it and I was relaxed about the outcome. At the time of such decisions I did not know how am I going to make it at all. I was not comparing options, writing down pro’s and con’s, nothing like that. I just knew that they were the right decisions to make.

On the other hand I remember those decisions that I made because they were somehow expected from me. Looking back I am absolutely certain that I felt that it was not right what I was moving into and yet I followed that “should” command in my head. And you can guess the results! How common is that! One example can be my second marriage. Yes, I am totally honest here and open with you.  I knew I did not want to do that step and yet, I did. I did not listen to my heart and followed other people’s expectations. Oh Gosh! What a life lesson!

So my learning from my own life is this:

Listen to your heart and go with what it saysLet your heart decide what you want and then let your mind think about how to make it happen. Don’t allow the others to shake your decisions with their Whys.

Stay confident with your decisions that were made by your heart. If someone asks you “Why you want it?”  The answer “I want it because I want it.” is good enough. You do not need to justify anything to anyone. Let your heart lead you and let your mind support you on the way.

II believe that this applies in everything in life, including professional professional career. I am passionate about my own career and I am passionate about helping other women in achieving whatever careers they want.

If you want to know more about me and how I support women in their careers as well as in personal life, visit my professional website. I will be happy to share more.

Karolina Maya 



Freedom and Travel – Inspiration for Women Over 40

Living my dream – Machu Picchu 2011

Hello gorgeous beautiful women,

It’s Karolina Maya here. Today I want to share some thoughts on Freedom and ma passion for Travel.

I love to travel. I feel free every time I cross the boarder or get on to the plane! Not only that I am passionate about exploring new places and feel joy by always experiencing something new and exciting; it is something more than that for me! I have that strong sensation of freedom in my heart. And, gosh, I honour it so much!

I grew up in a communist country and spent more than half of my life living under communist regime. (Well, when I turn 50 in 2 years, it will be 50:50 for me). But for now, I can still say that a bigger portion of my life I lived  in totality.

Oh yes, it’s out! Now you know that English is not my first language, not even a second or third language. Actually, it was my fifth language I did learn. So, pleeeeease, tolerate my mistakes in my version of English and try to understand the way I put words together into sentences. It’s me, it’s the way I think and therefore the way I write.

Anyway, back to my travel passion. Living in a communist country meant that we were not allowed to travel almost anywhere. Our free travel zone without asking for special permission ad paying  with bribe money for that was limited by borders of  Eastern Germany, Poland and Hungary. Everything else was totally out of any imagination. And because of that I never thought or even dreamed about foreign countries and about life there. If someone would tell me at that time that I was living and working on the other part of the world I would think they were crazy.

And so I buried all my childhood dreams even before I could have thought about them.  I did not even know that deeply inside I had a soul of a traveller.

There were some hints for me though. I always loved geography at school. It served as an open window to the other world out there. And I learned quite a lot. Yes, theoretically. Without any possible use for the knowledge we had to memorise all capital cities of all countries in Africa, as an example. Oh well, quite tough at times when even countries were changing there. We had to know every large river in Asia all mountains in Americas and so on and so on.  Well, most importantly, we had to know all 15 countries in former Soviet Union, all the capital cities, numbers of citizens, rivers, mountains, agriculture produce, industry types; just about everything. And that was my travelling at those times. With my finger on the map; as my mum says.

And then, in 1989, everything changed! The “velvet revolution” and the end of the life in a cage. I immediately felt a strong urge to go and cross the border! Any border in fact!   I went to Austria the first month of freedom, crossing the first borders that got open for us; as almost everyone else did. It was quite funny! There were more people from my country in Vienna in those early days after the revolution than Austrians. That just showed how much people wanted that freedom to get out of the cage. And that is how it felt for me. Out of the cage, having my wings wide open and fly!

It’s  been 23 years since I crossed my home country borders as a free person for the first time and I enjoy travelling ever since. It feels so good!

And I know that it is part of what freedom means. Every time I cross the borders I remind myself how grateful I am that I am free to travel. I don’t take it for granted as I know what life is about if there is no freedom at all.

I still have my strong roots back at home. And yet, I have my free wings and I fly and travel wherever my heart takes me.

And so here is my mission and my message for everyone:

Be free!      Let your heart be free !     

Allow your heart to speak free, sing free, dance free, love free, live free!

With all my blessings, Karolina Maya
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