It’s a Valentine’s Day

It's a Valentine's Day

It’s a Valentine’s Day

What did I learn about Valentine’s Day?

Two years ago I was in a short and intense relationship. I met this guy before Christmas and by the end of February the romance was over. Yes, it was really short.

But I didn’t expect it to be short. It seemed to be very promising at the beginning. It looked like a deep serious relationship was to be developed. Well, it didn’t happen at the end and it’s all good.

Even though the relationship had been short I learned something about myself and about what I want. And I learned as well a lot about what I don’t want. The moment when I got the lesson of what I don’t’ want in my romantic relationship I walked away from this man. And I am grateful for that.

It’s a Valentine’s Day. It reminded me the same day two years ago when I was expecting to receive some kind of “I love you” message from that guy. I was thinking about it for the whole day. I remember the mixture of my feelings at that day. Excitement at the beginning, my expectation that after a long time without relationship this will be the first real Valentine day for me. I was awaiting expression of love or passion or at least some emotion towards me. Nothing. My expectation was replaced by disappointment and even anger. And by the end of the day when I already knew that nothing was going to happen I felt sad.

I called this guy the next day and asked him why he hasn’t done anything for the Valentine day. He said that I was the last person he would think to believe in Valentine! Gosh! It’s not about believing in Valentine or not, it’s about expressing love!

So here is my advice to all the guys out there. If you are in a relationship, doesn’t matter how long or short, deep or shallow, please, go out there and send your girl some flowers. Don’t guess or assume if she believes in Valentine’s Day or not. That’s not the point. And it’s not up to you to figure it out. Just get her flowers, chocolate, love note, whatever it is that you want to give her as an expression of your love.

Guess what? If she doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day and still receives your love message, the worst that can happen is that she will not appreciate it as you expected.  On the other hand if she does believe in Valentine’s Day and you don’t do anything; you have got it wrong. The message she will get is that you don’t care enough. Now, check with yourself what is the price for such risk.

Do you love her? Are you interested in her? Do you want to get closer to her? Send her your love message. It’s a Valentine’s Day.

Love to all of you,

Karolina Maya


Dolphins, My Dreams and My Soul

Dolphins & Time Travel

Dolphins & Time Travel

Woohoo! I am going to Hawaii to swim with dolphins and to learn their magic from them. “Dolphins and Time Travel”. I am so excited. My dream of dreams comes true.

Let me tell you about my dream. I know that a lot of people love dolphins and that swimming with them is a dream of many. Many people plan swimming with dolphins as their holiday’s entertainment. That is not my case.

When I very was little I used to have real night dreams where I was swimming with dolphins. I was part of their horde. I was swimming and playing with them. I still remember the feeling in my body when I remind myself of that dream. It feels like slow dancing under water. It was gracious, smooth, gentle, sensual and joyous.

I don’t remember who I was really. I don’t recall what my body was like. But I know that I was swimming there together with my dear dolphins as long as I wanted. How was I breathing? I have no clue. I felt safe. It was as night dream magic for me. I still have a sense of some deep wisdom and knowing that I had at that time and that I have forgotten.

Well, it was just a dream, you may say. Sure it was. But hey, I was a girl growing up in the heart of Europe! No ocean in my country, of course. I didn’t have any concept of an ocean for a long time. And did I know about animals called dolphins? At the time of these dreams, not. I saw my first dolphin in the Flipper movie when I was already a schoolgirl.  And by that time I didn’t remember my dreams anymore. As I was growing up this dream with dolphins stopped showing up and I forgot.

But I never stopped loving dolphins. I always felt an amazing connection with them.  I was already 30 when I saw real alive dolphins when I went with my boys to Croatia.  One day we went on a boat trip to an island. And there they were. Dolphins came to play with the waves and excitement and joy filled hearts of everyone on the boat. My heart was jumping from love and joy.

Then I moved to Australia. Only here I started to open to my spiritual part and listen to my soul. The power and spirit of the ocean returned my old memories and childhood dreams to me. My dolphins came back to me and started to call me. I knew I have to join them in their space. But how?  The commercial ‘swimming with dolphins’ entertainment is not for me; I know that.

And then I found it. Following clues I found a beautiful mermaid like woman Joan Ocean and I knew I was home. I found what I needed. I found a woman who lives with dolphins. She loves them, communicates with them, she learns from them. And I want to learn what dolphins have to teach me as well. I am following their calling and my dream. I am going to Hawaii to finally swim with my beloved dolphins as in my childhood dreams. I feel that it’s my soul calling me there to finally connect with who I really am. Maybe a mermaid? Will see.

With love,

Karolina Maya

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