Words of Wisdom on Ageing and More from Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou with Oprah Winfrey on Super Soul Sunday

Maya Angelou with Oprah Winfrey on Super Soul Sunday

Ageing is inevitable; at least for now, in this world, at this level of our consciousness. That’s what we all have in common. Probably for women more than for men, ageing is a huge topic since the beginning of times.  Some women want to stop ageing or at least slow it down. Some fight against it, the others ignore that ageing is happening,  some accept ageing as a necessary evil.

I am looking up at women who embrace ageing with grace and elegance. I feel inspired by women, who take ageing as a chance to connect with deeper meaning of life, with the truth and with all the teaching life has to offer. I love to be inspired by these women’s wisdom and sometimes I wish I were like them.

One of the women I deeply admire for her elegance, grace and wisdom is Maya Angelou. I watched her interview with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday show the other day. Ageing was one of the topics. Here is what Maya said on ageing.

Oprah: “What can you say about ageing?”

Maya (85), laughing: “Do it if you can. If you have a choice, chose the 80’s. I mean it. If you are caring for yourself, you know, moderation in all things; and even moderation in moderation. Don’t get too much of moderation!” “

Isn’t it awesome? Moderation in everything but don’t get too much of moderation! I like this woman!

And then Maya continues and her words  have inspired and moved me.

Maya said: “I’m going to share this with you: I have become a better person and a happier person the day I stopped observing what other people have thought of me and I was just obsessed. I really wanted people to really like me. And I was so unhappy. I wish you get there because then you can fly!”

I wish one day I come to that stage; to that freedom from other people opinions and thoughts. That’s what I want and that’s what I am working on! That’s the way I want to care for myself. Being truly Self regardless of what other people think of me then allows me to use my wings and fly.

Yes, that’s what I want; to fly high, far; anywhere I want any time I want, using my wings freely. When I do that, ageing doesn’t matter because it doesn’t mean anything. When I fly, I  live in present moment fully at any time and every time.

Then I am be able to say with Maya Angelou: “Every age I have been grateful.”

With love, Karolina Maya

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Women’s Health, Passionate Life and Body Balance

On the Top of Huayna Picchu

I have always been a healthy woman. I don’t get sick, I don’t catch flu, I don’t go to doctors. I keep myself active and happy. I enjoy the luxury of regular massages and meditation. And yet, I had to learn my lesson how to listen to my body more and nurture it better. I am a woman over 40.

There were couple of times in my life when my body said: “Enough, I take a break” and I had to literally stop and give my body what it needed. It was always due to enormous amount of stress caused by demanding corporate role or painful relationship break up. When that happened, I knew I had to nurture my body and get in peace with my mind.

Well, and always when I got back to normal, I took my health as for granted again. Till last September.

The last “Stop Time” came out of nowhere. I was feeling happy and simply great! I was dancing a lot, I found new love, felt excited by upcoming trip to Peru and I worked with amazing clients. So I didn’t see or feel any health issue coming.

I started to feel really exhausted. When I realized that even music didn’t turn me on and that I had troubles to make it through my dance lesson, I got it. I was not well! I got to the doctors to find out that I was suffering with severe anemia.  When the doctor said that she has never seen anyone with such low levels of iron and that she was surprised I was actually functioning, I was hit by a wave of panic.  “What am I going to do if I don’t function, how am I going to survive?” Yes, I must admit, I felt fear. And as you can imagine, that didn’t make it better.

My energy levels dropped down to zero, I could hardly walk, my head was spinning constantly. And I wanted to dance at the Australian Dance-O-Rama competition in only three weeks! I had my two dance solos ready to perform! And I wanted to go to Peru in five weeks and to climb Huayna Picchu!

So I decided to take my health into my hands more actively. I went to a friend of mine who is a naturopath and Journey Practitioner. I just wanted to get back to normal, dance, travel and live my life fully again! And I wanted it quickly.

And that’s how I discovered Body Balance for myself.  My sessions showed that my body just wasn’t absorbing nutrients, vitamins and minerals from my food as it should be. I needed some nurturing on a cellular level. I needed to increase my energy. And that’s what Body Balance is giving me.

I learned my lesson. I have to listen to my body, I have to understand what it needs and give to her.

We all have only one body for living our life here on Earth.  Give your body what it needs. Everything is energy. Where is no energy, there is no life. Keep your energy high, keep it flow, use it for anything you are passionate about and enjoy your life.

Check the Body Balance information and see how it can assist you to maintain your health. Let me know if you have any questions and comments. I am happy I have found Body Balance for myself and I am happy that by sharing my experience I can help other women, especially women over 40 to maintain their heath and live happy active lives.

And yes, I competed at the Dance-O-Rama, I danced my solos, I climbed Huayna Picchu and I am back living my life fully. I am a healthy woman again.

I wish you lot of energy for everything you enjoy and love doing!

With love,

Karolina Maya

Peruvian Despacho Ceremony, Pachamama and My Book

Despacho ceremony in Sydney? Of course I am there!

I feel blessed I could have experienced this ancient Peruvian ceremony twice in Peru. During despacho ceremony, the shamans use rice, shells, lentils, red and white flowers, feathers, candies, grains, seeds and more to create a beautiful mandala as an offering to Pachamama, Mother Earth and Apus, the Mountain spirit. While creating the mandala, shamans prey for love, wisdom, joy, health, balance in our lives. All participants of the ceremony get three coca leaves, blow their prayers into them and add them to the offering.  When the mandala is completed, it is folded into a bundle and finally ceremonially burned.

Both times I experienced this ceremony in Peru, I felt very touched by the ancient wisdom,  that is powerfully simple. The energy of the ceremony was magic!

So here I am, in Sydney, going to Peruvian Despacho Ceremony. August 1st is the beginning of the year of Pachamama. The year of Mother Earth. It is the time to embrace feminine aspect in us. To connect with what is feminine, caring, cooperative, nurturing, loving. In all of us. Yes, even in you, guys!

The ceremony is beautiful, gentle, very feminine, same as Carmen, the Peruvian girl who is leading it. I simply love it again.

So what does have my book to do with it? Well, here is the story. My book “Peru, My Dream, My Love” is  sitting in Buddha laps in Be Still & Chill centre in Balgowlah. One day Carmen comes in. She wants to find a space for her healing and shamanic work. My heart that I’ve put into the book talked to her heart and so she knew she found the place. And so here I am, enjoying Peruvian Despacho ceremony in Sydney. And it makes me feel awesome!

Enjoy a year of Pachamama,

Karolina Maya