Dolphins, My Dreams and My Soul

Dolphins & Time Travel

Dolphins & Time Travel

Woohoo! I am going to Hawaii to swim with dolphins and to learn their magic from them. “Dolphins and Time Travel”. I am so excited. My dream of dreams comes true.

Let me tell you about my dream. I know that a lot of people love dolphins and that swimming with them is a dream of many. Many people plan swimming with dolphins as their holiday’s entertainment. That is not my case.

When I very was little I used to have real night dreams where I was swimming with dolphins. I was part of their horde. I was swimming and playing with them. I still remember the feeling in my body when I remind myself of that dream. It feels like slow dancing under water. It was gracious, smooth, gentle, sensual and joyous.

I don’t remember who I was really. I don’t recall what my body was like. But I know that I was swimming there together with my dear dolphins as long as I wanted. How was I breathing? I have no clue. I felt safe. It was as night dream magic for me. I still have a sense of some deep wisdom and knowing that I had at that time and that I have forgotten.

Well, it was just a dream, you may say. Sure it was. But hey, I was a girl growing up in the heart of Europe! No ocean in my country, of course. I didn’t have any concept of an ocean for a long time. And did I know about animals called dolphins? At the time of these dreams, not. I saw my first dolphin in the Flipper movie when I was already a schoolgirl.  And by that time I didn’t remember my dreams anymore. As I was growing up this dream with dolphins stopped showing up and I forgot.

But I never stopped loving dolphins. I always felt an amazing connection with them.  I was already 30 when I saw real alive dolphins when I went with my boys to Croatia.  One day we went on a boat trip to an island. And there they were. Dolphins came to play with the waves and excitement and joy filled hearts of everyone on the boat. My heart was jumping from love and joy.

Then I moved to Australia. Only here I started to open to my spiritual part and listen to my soul. The power and spirit of the ocean returned my old memories and childhood dreams to me. My dolphins came back to me and started to call me. I knew I have to join them in their space. But how?  The commercial ‘swimming with dolphins’ entertainment is not for me; I know that.

And then I found it. Following clues I found a beautiful mermaid like woman Joan Ocean and I knew I was home. I found what I needed. I found a woman who lives with dolphins. She loves them, communicates with them, she learns from them. And I want to learn what dolphins have to teach me as well. I am following their calling and my dream. I am going to Hawaii to finally swim with my beloved dolphins as in my childhood dreams. I feel that it’s my soul calling me there to finally connect with who I really am. Maybe a mermaid? Will see.

With love,

Karolina Maya

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Can you live your dreams through your children?

Can you live your dream through your child?

Hi ladies, Karolina Maya here.

Can you live your dreams through your children?  One lady asked me this question replying to one of my blogs. I felt tempted to jump straight into the answer but something has stopped me.

What is the answer? ‘Well, it depends.’, was the only honest answer I got at that time.

The question has been on my mind for a while. I guess I need to look at it. And yes, the answer is not easy and black and white. It depends.

It depends on what dream you have and how clear you are about your own accountability for achieving and living them.

I was thinking about examples that would make it easier. So let’s go for this one. If your dream is to provide your children with the best education, it’s OK. You can do everything you can to be able to do that and that makes you feel great if you have achieved it.

But what if your vision of the best education for your child doesn’t fit to their dreams? That’s when the test comes. The dream of being able to provide your child with the best education has been fulfilled for you at the moment you have really been able to open this option as a possibility. That’s when your child’s free choice comes to the play. She may go for it or not.  If not, if her choice is different, how does it make you feel?

Another example may be even easier to understand.  Let say that you wanted to be a dancer and for whatever reason you didn’t follow that dream. Now you want your daughter to be a dancer and you do everything to support her. And she is really good. You do it for her, right? Or not? What’s the real truth?

And one day your daughter comes with news that she hates all the dancing drill, she had been doing it to make you happy and now she knows she wants to become a vet. Bang!

So here is my answer. I believe that we have to respect our children’s natural potentials, personalities and passions and as parents do the best to prepare them to achieve their own dreams.

If we project our dreams and sometimes even our own lost aspirations onto our children and we make them responsible for fulfilling them; it’s not fair to them.

So all together the answer for me is yes, you can live your dream through your children if you keep your dreams to be yours, you don’t expect your kids to be accountable for them and also you let your kids to have their own dreams even if their dreams are far away from yours.

So, do you live your dreams  through your children?

I love to know your thoughts.

Yours, Karolina Maya

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Where Are All the Real Men? Is Chivalry Dead?

Liam Neeson – Real Man & Gentleman

I was on the morning bus to the city yesterday. It was one of those fully packed buses, where people have to stand in the isle as well. Normally I don’t mind to stand in the isle. It’s just about 15 minutes to get to the city and I quite enjoy observing people or just being with my own morning thoughts.

But this time it was different.  The bus driver had one foot on speed, one on break, which made us, standing in the isle, fighting for stability and hanging on anything stable we could.

Yes, you guess it right. There were only women, struggling to stay on their feet, while men occupied all the isle seats. All young and middle-aged men, sitting comfortably on their seats, heads down, most of them playing games on their iPhones.

What a picture! Just imagine that! Men sitting comfortably and playing their morning games, and women above them, trying to not fall down on the isle floor.  Is it a common picture nowadays?

I don’t know where all the real men, the gentlemen are. But it looks like they don’t travel by bus.

Have all the men even noticed that? And if so, what was going on in their heads? I don’t know, that’s their business. I know what was going on in my head.

I reminded myself of times when I was commuting to school. Almost an hour each way, every day. At those times there were manners that were followed. One of the basic rules of the etiquette was to offer a seat to an older person and a woman. And it was followed!

So what happened? What has changed? Have ‘equal gender opportunities’ killed the good manners towards women? I hope not. I still want to be treated as a woman. And for me a real man is a gentleman, well-mannered man. For me chivalry is still something I highly value in men.

If I want something, I should better to ask for it, right? And the truth is that I haven’t.

So next time if situation like this occurs, I will ask the man to be a gentleman. Will see what happens! I will share, I promise!

So ladies, out there, if chivalry is something you want from men, if chivalry is something you value, join me. Start asking for it! And share your experience.

Cheers for now,


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My Moments of Bliss

Kissed by a seal

I had my regular dance lesson yesterday. I always enjoy my dance lessons but yesterday, something special happened. I felt a moment of pure bliss.

We were practicing samba. There was nobody else on the floor, just me and my teacher. One of the normal lessons and yet, there was a moment when everything came together in amazing profound feeling of bliss. I felt so connected with my own heart through the movement and music that I felt pure love and joy and bliss. It burst into my heart as an injection of ecstatic and yet peaceful energy and warmth. And it felt awesome!

This is it. These are the moments of the truth. These are the moments I feel connected with who I really am. This is why I dance!

I felt very grateful for the moment so I went back in my mind and asked myself:

When did I feel like that before? And I made my list of bliss.

When I watched sleeping angelic faces of my baby boys – and there was pure love

When I saw Maurice Bejart ballet dancing Maurice Ravel’s Bolero – and there was a sense of inner flow with the music and movement

When I first felt a  sense of liberation and freedom during the Velvet Revolution – and there was a faith in free future

When I watched Humpback whales jumping and playing in the ocean – and there was pure joy

When a seal looked into my eyes while swimming together in the pool – and there was a deep connection

When the view of Machu Picchu opened in front of me for the first time and my heart burst into tears – and there was awakening

When I let my body floating in Amazon River with pink dolphins around – and there was stillness and peace

When I listen to Dvorak’s Largo from From the New World symphony – and there is grace

and much more…

When do You feel bliss and are you aware of it? You are welcome to share. I will love to hear from you.

With love

Karolina Maya