One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and the Power of Free Spirit

I love watching movies. Movies, same as books have always meant a lot to me. I just need books and movies in my life as air and water. They help me to open into my imagination, into my deep inner feelings, dreams, secret wishes and much more. I dive into stories and let them touch my soul.

Last night I  I made myself a movie night and picked up  ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, the movie by Milos Forman. It’s one of my favorite movies and the one of significant influence on my life. I saw it first time more than 30 years ago. Secretly; this movie had been forbidden to watch in my country at that time.

‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ movie based on Ken Kesey’s book, has a symbolic meaning and carries a life message for me. It’s a symbol of courage to be different and authentic and fight for the right to be that. It’s also a symbol of the birthright to live life in full expression of who you are. The message is how being self and authentic may inspire and empower the others in breaking through their limitations and get free. Yes, most of all, this movie represents fight for freedom to me.

And that’s why this movie is so powerful.  So much so that it had been banned by the dictators and was forbidden to watch in my home country. Of course a movie that celebrates freedom and rights to fight for it is dangerous for any totalitarians.  Movie that shows courage to stand up, break through limitations, rules and power of control is something that communists or any other dictators can’t leave without control. Because guess what! Free-spirited behavior is so contagious!

And so here I am. Living in freedom for more than 20 years now and feeling grateful for that every day. I feel grateful for having experienced both – dictatorship as well as democracy. I know the difference having experienced the contrast. I am reminding myself that freedom is a gift we have to embrace, celebrate and take care of. At the end it doesn’t come from the rulers of any country, it comes from peoples’ hearts. That’s why this and other movies and books reminding us of the power of individuals’ free minds and hearts are so important and powerful at any time.

“I have tried, haven’t I? At least I have tried!” says Jack Nicholson as free-spirited Randle McMurphy in my favorite scene. These words have been my life motto ever since I saw the movie first time.

I love watching movies and l love reading books. Do you?

Karolina Maya

Freedom and Travel – Inspiration for Women Over 40

Living my dream – Machu Picchu 2011

Hello gorgeous beautiful women,

It’s Karolina Maya here. Today I want to share some thoughts on Freedom and ma passion for Travel.

I love to travel. I feel free every time I cross the boarder or get on to the plane! Not only that I am passionate about exploring new places and feel joy by always experiencing something new and exciting; it is something more than that for me! I have that strong sensation of freedom in my heart. And, gosh, I honour it so much!

I grew up in a communist country and spent more than half of my life living under communist regime. (Well, when I turn 50 in 2 years, it will be 50:50 for me). But for now, I can still say that a bigger portion of my life I lived  in totality.

Oh yes, it’s out! Now you know that English is not my first language, not even a second or third language. Actually, it was my fifth language I did learn. So, pleeeeease, tolerate my mistakes in my version of English and try to understand the way I put words together into sentences. It’s me, it’s the way I think and therefore the way I write.

Anyway, back to my travel passion. Living in a communist country meant that we were not allowed to travel almost anywhere. Our free travel zone without asking for special permission ad paying  with bribe money for that was limited by borders of  Eastern Germany, Poland and Hungary. Everything else was totally out of any imagination. And because of that I never thought or even dreamed about foreign countries and about life there. If someone would tell me at that time that I was living and working on the other part of the world I would think they were crazy.

And so I buried all my childhood dreams even before I could have thought about them.  I did not even know that deeply inside I had a soul of a traveller.

There were some hints for me though. I always loved geography at school. It served as an open window to the other world out there. And I learned quite a lot. Yes, theoretically. Without any possible use for the knowledge we had to memorise all capital cities of all countries in Africa, as an example. Oh well, quite tough at times when even countries were changing there. We had to know every large river in Asia all mountains in Americas and so on and so on.  Well, most importantly, we had to know all 15 countries in former Soviet Union, all the capital cities, numbers of citizens, rivers, mountains, agriculture produce, industry types; just about everything. And that was my travelling at those times. With my finger on the map; as my mum says.

And then, in 1989, everything changed! The “velvet revolution” and the end of the life in a cage. I immediately felt a strong urge to go and cross the border! Any border in fact!   I went to Austria the first month of freedom, crossing the first borders that got open for us; as almost everyone else did. It was quite funny! There were more people from my country in Vienna in those early days after the revolution than Austrians. That just showed how much people wanted that freedom to get out of the cage. And that is how it felt for me. Out of the cage, having my wings wide open and fly!

It’s  been 23 years since I crossed my home country borders as a free person for the first time and I enjoy travelling ever since. It feels so good!

And I know that it is part of what freedom means. Every time I cross the borders I remind myself how grateful I am that I am free to travel. I don’t take it for granted as I know what life is about if there is no freedom at all.

I still have my strong roots back at home. And yet, I have my free wings and I fly and travel wherever my heart takes me.

And so here is my mission and my message for everyone:

Be free!      Let your heart be free !     

Allow your heart to speak free, sing free, dance free, love free, live free!

With all my blessings, Karolina Maya
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