What Doesn’t Mean to Happen Doesn’t Happen

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project











I decided to expand a circle of my quaintances and meet some new people with same interests as me. Living in a foreign country and working solo makes meeting new people really important to me.

II’ve selected some groups on Meetup website. It’s so easy. You just select your interests and start to get invitations to meetings. I like it as it feeds my natural curiosity as well.

One of the groups I responded to and became a member of was created around The Happiness Project. The topic triggered my interest and so I accepted an invitation the first meeting. I’ve seen photos of other people showing up on the website as they were accepting the invitation. I started to feel excited about the whole thing. There were about then other people I was about to meet, mostly women. My excitement started to build up.

The meeting was scheduled for Saturday afternoon and even though I had quite a lot of other things to do, I rearranged everything to get there on time and in relaxed state of mind. It was about The Happiness Project, right?

So I got into my car and left home early enough to get to the meeting in the city on time. But ever since I left my place I started to feel the energy outside. Something was not quite as normal. Everything felt so frantic and hectic. I had to pay much more attention on the road, as the traffic seemed to be just crazy. Drivers changing lines without any indication, cars stopping suddenly in a steady flow of traffic, people on their horn like there was the end of the world. What was going on?

I thought, hmm, interesting. Let’s just observe what is happening. I made a conscious decision not to become a part of this chaos. Just stay outside of it and see what is this all about.

I got to the town and I normally get a parking spot easy. This time it took me more than 40 minutes to even get through the streets. There were people everywhere. Yes, it was Chinese New Year and there is a large Asian community living in this town. But still, this was something different. There were only a few groups of traditionally dressed Chinese people dancing and celebrating. Other people seemed to just frantically running there and back, shopping.

The energy didn’t feel quite right for my Happiness Project meeting. I was already late and I really don’t like to be late. I took it as it was and stayed relaxed. I kept thinking that it will happen, as it needs to happen. There is nothing I can do about it. Let’s see.

I got to the shopping mall to find the meeting place, got to the map, found the way and…, nothing. Such a famous coffee shop brand and I can’t find it? Strange. I tried three times!! I walked the place three times in a circle looking carefully around to spot the name of the coffee shop. Nothing. Wow, this is really interesting. Nobody around seemed to know the shop. The whole place was just buzzing and the nervous energy was all around in the air.

Finally I got myself out of that place. I was actually happy to be out of there. That shopping mall with all the frantic and nervous energy of people running around was obviously not the place for me to meet with the Happiness Project group. No surprise; the name of the Mall is Chase!

I walked slowly back to my car. I felt absolutely in peace with what just happened. I sensed that it was actually exactly what meant to happen for whatever reason.

Well, time for a coffee before I go home. So I was sitting there, in a coffee shop, sipping my coffee, thinking about the whole situation, feeling relaxed and quite funny about the whole afternoon. I felt like I put my finger into wild water of an ocean and instead of being swallowed by stormy waves of it, the ocean gently returned me back to the beach. And it did make me feel happy.

And then I realized I was sitting in exactly the coffee shop I wasn’t able to find before. Same name; just another place. How bizarre! The Happiness Project at the end, just only mine!

Why am I writing this? Well, sometimes it’s good to just go with the flow even though it doesn’t take us where we wanted. There is a deeper knowing that it’s exactly what we are supposed to do. Why? Well, one day, the true reason reveals itself. And that day it was  my personal Happiness Project I was lead to work on.

Your, Karolina Maya