Reflection on 2012 Key Astrological Highlights

Reflection on astrological highlights of 2012

Reflection on astrological highlights of 2012

It’s January 2013. Another year has passed. Just this time it happened much quicker than any other year before. At least for me. I feel like time is running faster and faster! I tried to slow it down by slowing myself and reflect on the year that just passed.

Last year this time I was listening to the key astrology messages for 2012 and thought about their meaning and how they will influence me.  So as a part of my reflection of last year I wanted to have a look at them again and see how accurate the predictions were and what impact they had on me and my life.

I found the reflection really interesting. I felt as the prediction was made just for me! So without going into any details, I just want to say – spot on!  I was so impressed and amazed that I just have to share the information with you so that you can do your own inventory.

Here you are:

Last year there were some unique and very powerful events occurring. According to Elizabeth Jones, the Astrologer, there were 3 key astrological highlights for 2012 with a great impact on events during the year.

 Uranus Square Pluto

The essence of this influence was breakdown, collapses, transformation of old structures and forms into new once that were more in synch with current energies

 Grand Trine in Earth Signs

brought grounding and practical influence that helped to navigate the influence of the craziness of the other events, was helpful for manifesting and creating what you want.

 Neptune entering Pisces

This event represents significant shift and spiritual connection. It was an extremely spiritual placement.

Elizabeth has suggested 3 keys to attune to the frequencies of 2012 for people who are on their way to raise their consciousness and grow spiritually.

As you are most likely one of them, you may have asked two main questions. The practical one may have been: “How am I going to survive and thrive in the turbulent times that we live?” From a more spiritual way you may have asked: “Why am I here now, what is my part to play here, how am I going to be of service? “

 The key #1

was to find out how do these two dynamics intersect in your life and where do they merge. The key is to better understand the relationship between your spiritual path and your life path at this time. The merging of these two is where the alchemy will occur now.

 The key #2

was to know that the opportunity will be given to you to see where your own fears or inflexibility is holding you back.

 The key #3

was to know that the events will occur in waves and will continue for a few years. Each time when this happens more and more people will realize that something big is happening and will awaken to this reality. You personally will most likely experience changes in your own awareness. You will be given new directions in waves.

You must raise your own vibration, step up and own your own significance. You may become a vehicle for a higher purpose.  It doesn’t need to be grandiose; it just needs to be authentically yours.

According to Elizabeth Jones the year 2012 was supposed to be a year when many experienced the shifting from seeking to manifesting their light and actualize their soul task. It was for me. Was it for you? Have you started to manifest your life purpose and actualize your soul task? The time has come!

What exciting time we live! You are welcome to share your 2012 reflections here. I will appreciate your comments and thoughts.

And so my wishes into 2013 to all you beautiful ladies is: Let your light shine!

Karolina Maya