My Moments of Bliss

Kissed by a seal

I had my regular dance lesson yesterday. I always enjoy my dance lessons but yesterday, something special happened. I felt a moment of pure bliss.

We were practicing samba. There was nobody else on the floor, just me and my teacher. One of the normal lessons and yet, there was a moment when everything came together in amazing profound feeling of bliss. I felt so connected with my own heart through the movement and music that I felt pure love and joy and bliss. It burst into my heart as an injection of ecstatic and yet peaceful energy and warmth. And it felt awesome!

This is it. These are the moments of the truth. These are the moments I feel connected with who I really am. This is why I dance!

I felt very grateful for the moment so I went back in my mind and asked myself:

When did I feel like that before? And I made my list of bliss.

When I watched sleeping angelic faces of my baby boys – and there was pure love

When I saw Maurice Bejart ballet dancing Maurice Ravel’s Bolero – and there was a sense of inner flow with the music and movement

When I first felt a  sense of liberation and freedom during the Velvet Revolution – and there was a faith in free future

When I watched Humpback whales jumping and playing in the ocean – and there was pure joy

When a seal looked into my eyes while swimming together in the pool – and there was a deep connection

When the view of Machu Picchu opened in front of me for the first time and my heart burst into tears – and there was awakening

When I let my body floating in Amazon River with pink dolphins around – and there was stillness and peace

When I listen to Dvorak’s Largo from From the New World symphony – and there is grace

and much more…

When do You feel bliss and are you aware of it? You are welcome to share. I will love to hear from you.

With love

Karolina Maya