How I Made My Best Decisions – Sharing with Women over 40

Karolina Maya

It’s such a beautiful day today. Sitting on the ferry I enjoy the warm sunny winter day. It’s one of those lovely days when everything seems to be brighter. It’s easy to feel happiness of life just for life itself.

I am on my way home from a meeting I had in the city.  It was with a consultant I cooperated with back in my corporate days. Meeting him reminded me of who I was and how I lived back then. Just for a moment I had that flash back. It was enough to remind myself of my successful corporate career, my professional growth from very humble beginnings to an international position as well as of my challenges at that time. It was just enough to realize how grateful I am for everything that life has put in front of me.

It reminded me of the most important decisions I made in my career life.

It is interesting how our mind works. All of what I am writing about now, all these thoughts appeared in my mind in just a fraction of a second. And now I need the whole page to express them. Amazing, but that’s a mind food for another time.

But back to my thoughts about my life decisions. I do not regret any decisions I made in my life. But I realized that none of the best decisions I made were actually based on “thought through” decision making process. All of the decisions that I count as blessings now, were simply made by my heart. I am sure about it.  All of them took me on an amazing journey to self discovery and personal growth. Looking back at them I know that they led me to something that meant to happen. Of course I can’t compare my life after these decisions with what my life would have been without them.

My point is that everything what I decided for because I really wanted it from the bottom of my heart worked out really well. If it was my decision to apply for a General Manager role or the decision to accept the offer to move to Australia, to name just some examples. Looking back I can see all the potential risks and reasons why not to do that. Yes, it was risky and scary as well. But I did not feel the risk at that time. I just knew I wanted it and I was relaxed about the outcome. At the time of such decisions I did not know how am I going to make it at all. I was not comparing options, writing down pro’s and con’s, nothing like that. I just knew that they were the right decisions to make.

On the other hand I remember those decisions that I made because they were somehow expected from me. Looking back I am absolutely certain that I felt that it was not right what I was moving into and yet I followed that “should” command in my head. And you can guess the results! How common is that! One example can be my second marriage. Yes, I am totally honest here and open with you.  I knew I did not want to do that step and yet, I did. I did not listen to my heart and followed other people’s expectations. Oh Gosh! What a life lesson!

So my learning from my own life is this:

Listen to your heart and go with what it saysLet your heart decide what you want and then let your mind think about how to make it happen. Don’t allow the others to shake your decisions with their Whys.

Stay confident with your decisions that were made by your heart. If someone asks you “Why you want it?”  The answer “I want it because I want it.” is good enough. You do not need to justify anything to anyone. Let your heart lead you and let your mind support you on the way.

II believe that this applies in everything in life, including professional professional career. I am passionate about my own career and I am passionate about helping other women in achieving whatever careers they want.

If you want to know more about me and how I support women in their careers as well as in personal life, visit my professional website. I will be happy to share more.

Karolina Maya