Imagine All the People Living for Today

Can you see it? The world is changing. Something is shifting. Regardless of your beliefs, spiritual consciousness or religion, I guess you have noticed it as well.

What I see is people moving back into their hearts. Living from a heart is becoming more and more natural and authentic. Thanks God! The times of living under full control of our minds is over.

Feeling is great. Emotions are not only accepted but also even welcome. Can you imagine that ten years ago? Imagine people openly sharing their feelings and emotions and embracing them fully, twenty or even ten years ago. It would have been considered as showing a weakness at those times. And that was not acceptable.

And hey, look at today. How moving and inspirational it is to be authentic, natural and present in emotions as they arise in our hearts. Such emotions have an amazing power. They communicate the truth; without words.

I have come across this video some years ago and again today. Emmanuel Kelly sings from his heart, shares his story by singing and touching everyone’s heart. He creates a moment of unity, connection and oneness. All hearts are connected as he sings.

John Lennon couldn’t have imagined a better ambassador of his message than Emmanuel. When he sings “Imagine all the people living for today” with his courageous angelic mum and brother supporting him full heartedly from behind the stage, I know he communicates his own message. And it touches me deeply.

Living in a present moment, living for today. I am still learning. Thanks Emmanuel for reminding me.


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