Words of Wisdom on Ageing and More from Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou with Oprah Winfrey on Super Soul Sunday

Maya Angelou with Oprah Winfrey on Super Soul Sunday

Ageing is inevitable; at least for now, in this world, at this level of our consciousness. That’s what we all have in common. Probably for women more than for men, ageing is a huge topic since the beginning of times.  Some women want to stop ageing or at least slow it down. Some fight against it, the others ignore that ageing is happening,  some accept ageing as a necessary evil.

I am looking up at women who embrace ageing with grace and elegance. I feel inspired by women, who take ageing as a chance to connect with deeper meaning of life, with the truth and with all the teaching life has to offer. I love to be inspired by these women’s wisdom and sometimes I wish I were like them.

One of the women I deeply admire for her elegance, grace and wisdom is Maya Angelou. I watched her interview with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday show the other day. Ageing was one of the topics. Here is what Maya said on ageing.

Oprah: “What can you say about ageing?”

Maya (85), laughing: “Do it if you can. If you have a choice, chose the 80’s. I mean it. If you are caring for yourself, you know, moderation in all things; and even moderation in moderation. Don’t get too much of moderation!” “

Isn’t it awesome? Moderation in everything but don’t get too much of moderation! I like this woman!

And then Maya continues and her words  have inspired and moved me.

Maya said: “I’m going to share this with you: I have become a better person and a happier person the day I stopped observing what other people have thought of me and I was just obsessed. I really wanted people to really like me. And I was so unhappy. I wish you get there because then you can fly!”

I wish one day I come to that stage; to that freedom from other people opinions and thoughts. That’s what I want and that’s what I am working on! That’s the way I want to care for myself. Being truly Self regardless of what other people think of me then allows me to use my wings and fly.

Yes, that’s what I want; to fly high, far; anywhere I want any time I want, using my wings freely. When I do that, ageing doesn’t matter because it doesn’t mean anything. When I fly, I  live in present moment fully at any time and every time.

Then I am be able to say with Maya Angelou: “Every age I have been grateful.”

With love, Karolina Maya

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